Graduated Response

What is the Graduated Response? 

The graduated response is a term for how we respond to identify and support a pupil with whatever needs they may have. It is graduated from LEAST to MOST support and shows that the school has responded to needs in a planned way following the assess, plan, do, review format.

Quality First Teaching   is provided  for ALL children / young people through teacher awareness and understanding of learning needs of all students; the teacher plans ways in for the child /  young person to allow them to achieve the same learning aim as their peers and all children / young people have access to an inclusive and challenging curriculum.

Additional support is provided for MANY children / young people mainly through the tutor or subject teacher and may include intervening for a short period of time.  This can include some forms of pastoral support such as ELSA which is a time limited intervention.  Children and young people who require additional support can be placed on a monitor list so that progress can be monitored over the course of a maximum of two terms and, if needed, can be moved to the SEND register.

SEN support is provided for SOME children/ young people who are on the school's SEND register. Those who are SEN support level require a support plan detailing a long term outcome and smaller targets to help achieve that outcome.  This may include support such as specialist interventions or personalised resources.  The support plan should be drawn up with the input of the child / young person and their parents/ carers and MUST be reviewed regularly. 

High needs support is provided for a FEW children / young people who have an Education, Health Care plan (EHCP) or are in the process of applying for one.  Outside agencies are likely to be involved and a detailed support plan will be produced that is regularly reviewed. A child / young person working at this stage may have differentiated learning aims to ensure progress.   If the child / young person has an EHCP,  an annual review is conducted where outcomes, support and provisions are agreed by all parties.