Speech, Language and Communication Difficulties

Speech and language difficulties is a blanket phrase used to describe a variety of issues such as  a delay with phonology, stuttering, verbal dyspraxia and others. 

Development of speech and language can vary hugely from child to child and is usually nothing to worry about.  However, sometimes the development is delayed and there may be a need to explore further.  Sometimes, a delay in speech and language skills is due to issues with hearing so this would be the first thing to check.  Contact the GP for a hearing test. 

Often, support and intervention from the school can positively impact a CYP's speech and language skills; do use some of the strategies detailed below to support. If concerns remain, it may be that a speech and language therapist (SLT) can be asked to assess. Talk to the SENCo if you think  that a SLT assessment could be beneficial. 

For further information and advice see here and here.

Struggles with using content and vocabulary effectively

Phonology (speech sounds)

Not able to follow instructions 

Difficulty with concepts 

Linguistic errors 

Working with others